Dealing with a Break Up, Understanding Love

If you break up with someone,
You have a choice – to put blame, to be angry, sad about it…
OR You can choose to learn from it.

I think it is important first that you don’t blame the other, understand that it happened for you to learn. Once you learn you can realize that this relationship is not for you. To feel the other person, to understand that everything is okay. It is okay… all of us will just grow from this.

Never give up because… it is all for a reason for you to learn. When you do your work from this break up and understand what was wrong, you will learn from it. Something must be better… in the next relationship.

What is love for you?

If you can start to see the love in all things, how it is now. Then love will come to you. This is how you surround yourself with love. When you take the expectation out of it, and just notice love all around you even in the things that normally trigger you or annoy you or upset you… you can see the love and draw it back to you. You learn in relationships. And then when it doesn’t work out most times we notice what we don’t like, but instead if we can see the love in it, in all things more will come and we will transform into the love we want.

If love is for you it will stay and understand you. For me love comes back when I find love in what is. Not saying a person will come back to you after a breakup but love can return to you that you then can carry with you to grow and expand instead of carrying the hurt or anger… bring the love.

When you don’t believe in yourself people come to you and push your buttons… then when you get the wakeup or the buttons pushed you can learn and grow and see it differently, feel that 100% percent certainty and knowing in yourself, believing in who you are these kind of button pusher loves won’t come at you anymore.

If I am strong with myself and I know who I am then I will attract the right people.

If someone that you loves does something that you don’t like you can teach yourself to see the good in it, and then in this way you, you can teach yourself to bring love right to you. To bring the right kind of love to you, the kind that you really deserve.

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