A Good Friend

A reminder to surround yourself with people who elevate us.

To have a peaceful life, we must feel elevated, have people that can lift us up, near these kinds of people we feel strong and not weak.

Feelings to avoid comparison, control, feeling weak or less than a person.

Feel comfortable in their presence, feel able to be ourselves, we want to feel welcome, we want to feel comfortable to speak our mind.

Push you to be better, give you compliments, encourage you, someone that really listens to you, doesn’t interfere.

To listen, to see the other from their shoes.

In my book I write about relationships and want to remind you that all friendships and relationships are here to teach us something. A reflection of something in us.

“We learn from every experience. Each experience is there to serve you on your journey to becoming complete, and therefore there are no good or bad experiences, only experiences to learn from.” The way we feel is how we learn and let in what feels good. Elevated. We can then see what is serving us and what we may need to let go of.

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