Something Bigger Than Me

It is always good to have a belief and knowing that something exists beyond you.

The creator to me is something complete. It is like a candle with a light, and how much you share the light it still stays the same.

You can name it whatever you like as “the creator” is not something physical, it is something complete. I strive to be the same as the creator … it is a force that you cannot necessarily describe, it is beyond us and whatever you feel you can name it – the universe, a god, creation.

I use it as an advisor to see how I can complete myself. How do I tune into that energy? I share, accept the way I am now, be present.

The creator to me is like a father, a teacher, not physically but an energy and a force. It is a feeling. Not something you can imagine, or see, or describe.

In my book I write about the Creator in us all. taking note on the fact that “the concept of the creator has an innately religious aura to it. I want to note that when I say “Creator”, I simply mean the source of all our worlds energy, all of its light, the beginning of all thought and action.

“The Creator is like a father, or a teacher. It is something that is more than myself, someone I can talk to and that I know will always listen. The creator is always there, always listening, and it answers with messages and clues sent in the form of other people, thoughts, and ideas. The Creator protects me, and it is pure energy.”

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