To Wear a Mask/Not to Wear a Mask – Corona Confusion

I wanted to write and say that no matter your opinion on this topic, the most important thing is to respect other people.

It does not matter if you believe in the mask or not, or fear the virus or not. This is a reminder to remind yourself first off before anything else – to intend to respect others. To feel into other people. To remember that you might be fine but another may be hurting.

When your mind starts to question the Corona Virus, or the simple thought of wearing a mask or not wearing one, bring your attention back to feeling into other people’s frequency.

The fear that might be around, the ages of others, the health of others. To understand that nobody is complete.

We never know what the other person is going through. What is going on today in their life.

All of us with our character we come with our lack, our insecurity, our disconnect. When we care for each other, understand each other, respect each other. This is how we can bring the world back together. Bring brokenness back together. Respect each other and begin to heal the world.

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