As Things Change With the Corona Virus (Again)

There is so much uncertainty – many countries don’t know whether to open. Many schools don’t know if children should attend. Many people are having second thoughts about what has been going on both personal and globally.

In general – the Universe is taking a spiritual step. We are going in a different direction. Things will change. How societies function is changing.

As we try to reopen and return to routines, we realize it is not the same. People like to cling to what used to work. Usually the old routines feel safe and feel comfortable. There is anxiety, and fear about the unknown.

However, this is a reminder that its okay. Growth is okay. People need to go through this period. As a whole and individually. It is a release. A way to clear what no longer was sustainable. A reminder to release, adapt, let go, and know that it is best to trust that all of this happening, and all will be okay.

This might be a restarting period for many things that could be better, and routines that needed to be adjusted. Find a way to think for the bettering of your life, and the bettering of our world.

Also know that you are not alone in feeling any uncertainty, it is finding the courage in this to take that step forward.

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