This time in the Universe in general there is a lot of confusion. The universe is pushing us to change, and direct our lives differently than before.

We want to do something and it is delayed, or not happening, or on hold… etc. So this is a blog post about being patient, and a reminder that the movie or story of our life starts in our heads. For each one of us, no matter the situation, there is some area where we feel like we don’t know what to do anymore…

So be patient. Sometimes the vision that you see, or the things you want most, need time to unfold. For now we can sit and visualize, and let go of our wanting to control how and when. Not thinking about it too much. Waiting for things to come our way. In this time actually the universe is teaching us how to be patient.

If you start feeling anxious about what you want and why it is not here, know that the only solution is to let it go, and focus on feeling good. Focus on something else, and only have a knowing that it is on its way to you. It’s okay, and all is coming. So trust that.

Be patient.

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