In Our Minds This Fall

Here I am in a quiet place watching the leaves fall. It is a fall now. Things are changing, and this is a difficult time for many people.

But here I am thinking… a big thing that is so often forgotten. We create with our minds everything that is.

It is very easy to fall off that knowing like the leaves…. but it is up to us to remind ourselves that really it is all in our mind. What we think about and how we interpret – imagine, visualize is what is, what comes into our reality. A vision to not focus on what is, but on what you want. What you think about becomes your reality.

To create something comes from our thoughts. How we think about it, how we can visualize it, who can help me, how I can create it. Think about it, see something you like, and know that you can create it.

All of us have different things, or topics where we worry, and different visions that we want to create. I just want to remind you of this most powerful statement, everything is in our minds.

Our thoughts are so powerful, and all is within.

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