The 2020 US Election

Looking at the current election happening in the USA, I wanted to remind you in this blog of creating a new thought process.

It is clear that there is almost a 50/50 divide in this country. Many people are part of both parties in some way.

The message is to accept change and differences. Each one of us needs to respect the other. To understand that how you respect others is how you respect yourself and your mind. It does not matter who is going to win, it matters how many individuals find peace within themselves and for each other no matter what the view.

I want to remind you that each decade we go through massive changes. Today is much more open, people know more, people understand more, people ask for more, and people want answers to almost everything.

The energy of this election can often fog the truth that we all must understand and respect one another before we can have a massive shift, and experience true change.

Try to be kind today. Try to understand. To close the division in some way, even if small, instead of widen it.

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1 thought on “The 2020 US Election”

  1. Unity is the only to heal de nation at this moment
    We most be benevolent to each other in order to embrace the new world as is. ♥️♾♥️♾♥️

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