A New Kind of Fear – (Again)

Where does fear come from?
Why now is there more fear in the air, a new kind of fear?
We didn’t know that we had this kind of fear inside of us.
The world has changed a lot in 2020, and also in general in humanity things will and do change.
It is a good reminder when fear arises to remind yourself that usually change brings fear in.
Also it is a signpost towards growth.
We are acting different in our day to day roles.
Again many of the things that once brought us pleasure are no longer the same day to day.
Going to the movies, being with friends, music venues, etc.
Today is the time where we have to look for other things that bring us joy.
Joy is so important as it erases the fear.
When there are gaps in our days without joy fear becomes dominant.
Anytime change occurs discomfort and fear come with it. You can think of it as going upstairs to a new level. Your leg is one step up but not quite at the next.
Why? Because we are in our old habits that comfortable for us, but moving through them is where we can evolve.
We are scared in that process and fears creep out. Things that weren’t in our minds before, now exist and the mind starts to spin.
The best thing we can do is recognize it and know that fear is an individual size rope to see what we can achieve with ourselves we cannot stay the same. It not only comes from inside but as a whole, our entire world right now is shifting into something new.
What can we do in the meantime where there is all this fear and confusion?
We must sit with ourselves.
To move through it, step by step.
To know that fear is normal. It just tells us where we need to believe in ourselves. It is personal and deep inner work that can reflect out once done. It is about expansion within yourself.

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