A Couple Things to Remember in a Time of Not Seeing People

As the holidays approach and winter comes, it might feel hard this year as you are not seeing people like you used to in the past years. We’re not seeing people in the same way we used to. Here are just a couple of things to remember when it comes to this… and how to get through this time.

First, a vaccine is on its way. It will relax the fear and the minds of many people. Slowly it will all go away. It won’t stay like this for the rest of our life, etc. To remember it is temporary can often help us cope wherever we are.

Second, everything really is in our minds. We just have to continuously check in with our conscious, our vibration, and ask ourselves is this where I want to be? Is this what I want my mind to be focused on?

Yesterday I went out of the town that I live in. Christmas decorations, lights all over, connect to the happiness. Plug into that. We can still connect to the happiness if we are alone.

Through the holidays when you are feeling low, try to find something that you can touch the happiness with. If each one of us can come into this practice of looking for things that feel good, and taking bits of happiness from them…. a movie, an animal, the weather, the decorations, a book, hot tea, etc. Plug into them, and it makes you feel better. It
brings life into you, and helps you realize that life continues.

That life starts within us, and we can still be, do, or have anything we put our thoughts and mind toward.

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