The Healing Energy of Water

The Power of Water is a chapter in my book, Our Journey. I feel it is necessary for a blog post, as water is such a simple but essential healing life force. When you feel off, need a reset, are tired or anxious, water is the cure.

Not just to drink, but also the calming presence of being near water. The ability to shower or bathe, the ability to walk to the ocean, or a river, or sit by a fountain, and hear the flow of water, the drops of rain. Water is life and such a reminder of the essential power of being present, healing, and growth. Focusing on the power of water can help us gain our power back.

When I look back at my life’s work, the countless hours spent helping others discover peace within themselves, one of the most powerful realizations I have come to is the beauty of water.

Inside a molecule of water is the truth about what makes us complete.Water flows with everything the universe gives it. There is never a moment when it is not adapting to the present. It is forever flexible, always looking for the clues the world is giving it to determine what to do, what shape to take, where to flow. If I am ever feeling ill, if I ever feel like my spiritual energy is out of balance, I will immediately try to seek out the most pure source of water available to me. For that purity will attract more healing to my life. Water has an immense cleaning power and will immediately cancel out any negative properties I am carrying.

The trick is however, to come to water with an intention to heal. Try to set a healing, cleansing, resetting the energy intent every time you drink water. If you are not coming to the water with an intention, you are only completing the bare minimum. Yes, you will be hydrated and you will have what your body needs to function, but you will be denying the cleansing and healing effects. All it takes to receive these amazing properties is a simple moment of intention and prayer.

Twenty seconds before you drink can make all the difference. Water is all around us. Notice the calm when washing your hands, drinking fresh water, maybe dipping your toes into the sea, or taking a bath. Also, in many religions water is placed on skin in baptism to purify. The healing property in water is so simple, ancient, and essential. Try to notice it, and be grateful for the simplicity and richness of so much abundance and clean water in your world. It is truly a life force.

If you want to learn more feel free to reach out to me, or read my book, an entire chapter in Our Journey (chapter 11) is dedicated to the Power of Water. Remember water flows, it doesn’t try to go against its own current. It is a tool in our life to flow with what we have.

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