Relationships are a key part of life. They are teachers and help us grow. This blog post is based on Chapter 4 of my book Our Journey. It is so important to remember that each relationship in our lives is here to serve us. To help us get closer to our complete self. Everyone is here to teach us something.

Our relationships are a key source of information. They are a clue we can use to determine what our positive attributes are and what we may be lacking. One of the first and most critical relationships we are born into is the connection we hold with our parents. The things they denied us as we were growing up are the things we need to give others.

Take a moment and explore all the relationships in your family. You may come across some memories of painful traumas. As hard as the experience may have been, trust there’s something inside it for you to learn from. Your job is to ask: Why am I in this picture (with this person) and why was this experience given to me as an opportunity to learn about myself?

Understanding the relationship dynamic of your past helps you understand yourself and what you need now. If we want to start a close relationship with someone, we need to examine if the person fits us. How their behavior makes us feel, and to be sure we are not repeating patterns that no longer serve us. We need to understand that we must let go and stop the process if it is not right. Because we can’t change people to be the way we want. Always know that the question remains – why am I in this situation, and what can I learn from it?

What you don’t get from another person is what you need to give back. This is your lesson. Write down your vision of the relationships you want, visualize it, and believe it, the clearer the vision the closer you are to the relationships that feel good.

In my book, Our Journey, I provide a few exercises and questions to ask yourself to help uncover the lessons in all of your relationships so far in life. When we talk about relationships and open to learning from them, we can identify the blockages and can see ourselves acting in a different way, so we don’t halt our happiness and peace.

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