Finding Peace Within During the Holidays

The holidays are a time where finding peace within is key to being able to enjoy this time. This is a blog post to remind you that during the holidays, feeling into the unity and peace within, is what the holidays are about. In 2020, it has been strange not to be with all the people you usually are surrounded by, or the community.

However, it is still a time of coming together. A time of connecting to peace.

The holidays are a time to be good to each other, to unite with each other, to listen more, to understand, to be in gratitude.

Essentially the holidays are about light and love. Like a candle that can shine onto others, when we find that within us, we can shine it to others, peace during this time is easier to find when we look at the holidays like a light.

The thoughts that are running in our minds about what is going on around us or what is happening in our lives will come up.

Fear or lack or heartache. But we always can change our thoughts and bring it to a place of appreciation about everything that we DO have. To appreciate the people in our lives, what is around us. To remind ourselves of finding that peace within and appreciation first. The rest will follow.

Have a happy and safe Holiday and New Year.

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