Welcoming the New Year – 2021

A new year is here. Meaning a new beginning. New thoughts. New decisions. This is the time of welcoming in and deciding.

Deciding to make concrete decisions. Deciding not to worry too much. Deciding to not be upset or negative. Lastly, and most importantly, deciding to take the time to know what you want.

Like a clean slate the New Year is a great time to sit with yourself and decide to begin living the life you want to live.

New thoughts.

The mind is so important. Everything begins with a thought. You get more of what you think about. Start changing your thoughts to be good, uplifting, feel good. Notice how you feel, and if you don’t feel good… you must think a different thought. Take time to know your subconscious mind. To be careful of what you think and what you say. Even if you don’t mean it. Our thoughts are the start to everything.

New beginnings.

Sit with ourselves. Ask yourself truly what you want. Ask yourself how you can get there? Now we have a new world, a new environment, a new year… 2020 changed a lot of social norms, so this is a new year globally as we go forward. It is also filled with new opportunities. What do you want? Begin from there and sit with yourself.

Don’t worry too much.

Try to live more in the moment. Appreciate things that we have already. Work on those things that we want to change or create. Appreciation leads to more appreciation. Notice what you have and what makes you feel good, when worry comes focus on something else.

Take care of ourselves.

To have a strong immune system. To learn and value our health. To learn and get advice on caring for our immune system, vitality. Health is most important. Let that if anything be a take away from 2020. Value your health.

To connect more to happiness. To what makes you happy. Brings you joy. Appreciation. Love.

It’s all about decisions. To remind us all the time. Decide.

We go down a negative spiral quickly… what we don’t have, what we miss, decide not to do that. Decide to come back to appreciation. This will be a great year for you.

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1 thought on “Welcoming the New Year – 2021”

  1. Hi Rachel, thank you for sharing all those tips in order we can have a year full of blessings and abundance the whole year.


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