Unity – Why Unity is Important

Unity with our bodies.

Unity with other people.

Unity with difference – opinions and views.

Basically, we need to have unity to have peace.

We must have unity with our bodies to function in a balanced way.

Everything is connected to each other and helps each other. We need all the parts.

This is the same thing with everything. With our families, with our communities, with our countries, with the world.

We are a united sum of our choices and connections.

Everything connects. The heart, the liver, gallbladder, kidney is connected, although different without one the other could not function.

When we realize this unity is the complete connection and source of peace, we come back to the simple knowing that everything is connected, everything is one.

Things such as stress, anger, frustration, worry, fear, nervousness… are blocks to the unity inside of us.

The same thing when we take it out of our bodies. The people around us. The different views around us. We must realize that unity is peace… and we can share differences to make our lives better. To help us grow, succeed, be more fulfilled, more abundant.

To love what we do. There has to be unity with what we do. When we love what we are doing, we do it with joy and know that it is because we are united with all that is around us.

Ask yourself what you can share. What you can embrace. For example, if you have more money, share some money. If you have a lot of time, share time. If you have knowledge, share knowledge.

People need help. We need other people. We need other opinions. We need differences, and we unite. We are stronger for it. Each of us has our strengths and reasons for coming into this world. Let’s use them for good and come together.

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