What is Going to Happen Next?

During this past year of dealing with Coronavirus and so much uncertainty, people have often asked this question. What is going to happen? When will it change? When will things go back to normal?

People are feeling stuck and frustrated, normalcy of entertainment such as movie theaters, parties, events, shows, concerts, so many outlets of fun were put on hold because of this virus. When will they come back? Jobs are on hold; people are worried and feeling isolated. It has been a hard time.

The truth is, if anything this past year and the beginning of 2021 as well has been a lesson for us to return to living day by day. In the NOW. Now is okay. Now is enough.

When do you think this time will pass? Or will it at all? When that question comes up, return to the now. When you think about what is missing from your life or your days, come back to right now. Find something in the now that brings you joy. Reading a book, writing a letter, going for a walk, calling a friend, there are still so many things that you CAN do. If you ask yourself questions such as: Why are we here? Why can’t we control our life’s path? Why are negative things happening consistently no matter how hard we try? You need to know that the answers are inside you. The answers are here in the now. You have all you need.

In my book Our Journey I talk about challenges and to not think of them as challenges. They are gifts. They are mile markers that show you the way to completeness and fulfillment. They are flares in the dark helping you on your journey toward answering the question, why are we here? What will happen next? All this is a pathway to uncover what is within you and a journey to your beautiful, and complete self. Trust it. Return to right now. You are okay.

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