The Game of Life

How to play in life??

Life is a game. As in everything in life there are rules, and it is the same thing with our lives.

What we attract to us is in our control. Not many people know about this, but this is a good reminder that we need to live and go by the rules of life.

It is called cause and effect. What you give you get back.

You give love, you get love back.

You lie, you get lied to back.

You are kind, kindness comes back to you.

You cheat, you get cheated. And so on.

The game of life is about imagination and how to imagine things into your life. To put out what you want. Health, love, appreciation, joy, abundance…

Here is an example: A man is fired from his job… this was in his mind for a long time. He already was thinking of losing this job.

His mindset was negative about this job… already done… when he would quit, how he dislikes the job, how he dreads going to work, either he would have quit, or he was fired. Therefore, his situation being fired, he brought that into his life.

This is the same with so many other categories… worry, fear, sickness. It is a reminder that we need to start to imagine things that we want in our life, and to focus on them. To see it. Feel it. When we start to think about what we want, about what we like, what we might like to experience. Health, love, wealth, good friends. We bring whatever we imagine, this is what we draw to ourselves. You get what you focus on whether you want it, or not.

The subconscious mind is powerful. It drives the game of life. The subconscious mind whether true or not, if what we think exists or doesn’t this is what comes to you. Imagine what you want even if you don’t yet have it. As soon as you feel sad, or any negative emotion, stop and choose again. Choose another thought. Retrain your subconscious mind.

Put out what you want, no matter where you are now you can start imagining what you love, and it will come back to you.

Let me know if I can help you in any way. Always here.

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