To Be in the Light – or to Be in the Dark – You Always Have a Choice

The light and dark are two contrasts. You can tell where you are, and you can always choose again if darkness finds you.

To be in the light means to share. 

To help others. 

To cook for them. 

To give. 

To be kind. 

To help the community. 

Anything that you can give out from yourself to help others.

To be in the light is also to be in gratitude. 

To be thankful for every day. 

To laugh and to smile. 

To elevate others. 

To give them compliments. 

To appreciate them. 

To live from that state of appreciation… what you have, what is around you. 

To feel healthy, and alive. 

To understand nature. 

To be in nature. 

To cheer for what is good, have integrity. 

To live from your own inner truth. Remember any kind of help to another is you in the light. 

To love others. 

To be kind.

To be in the Dark … is the opposite of the light. 

When you are jealous. 

When you are angry with others.

When you think only about yourself.

When you are selfish. 

When you don’t share what you have. 

When you don’t give your time for the community or for others… this is the darkness.

This is just a reminder that when you feel low or when you are not happy, you are in the darkness.

Whenever we find ourselves there, it is just a reminder to realize that we have choices and that you can move out of this place. You came to this place and you can change it, and you can act differently.

You don’t have to be stuck in the darkness… which leads us down and down and down… sickness, struggle, etc. You always have a choice to choose the light. No matter how long it takes.

How can you give today?

How can you feel good today?

How can you cherish or appreciate something that you do have today?

We always have a choice, and the spectrum of light and dark is just a contrast that can help us choose again.

The lighter it gets – better, brighter, fulfilling, beautiful, abundant, loving… or the darker it gets… but just work your way back to the light again and again, it is always there for you.

Sending much love and light your way.

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