Blockages. Where do they come from? How and why do blockages come to our life?

People often don’t understand why they have a blockage…why they can’t move on. Why they keep getting stuck on the same thing.

We are not moving forward. It can be frustrating to feel stuck.

Most blocks come from the Ego. They come from anger, or jealousy, or fear.

It is from not accepting something about your current life, not accepting a commitment, a mistake, a loss, or where you are.

Blockages come from any negative experience, or thought that we put ourselves into. People need to see how much damage it costs when we don’t have control of our thoughts, our conscious.

When we talk bad about other people, when we laugh about other people, compare, when we put out these negative energies into the world, it comes back to us.

We create our own blockages. The blocks in our life don’t come from no where, it isn’t random. It comes from our thoughts, our emotions, how often we live in a state of judgement, fear, loss, ego, jealousy, pain, worry, regret.

This is how blockages are created in our life. Those blockages are like a U-turn. When you want to move forward, to get to your goals, go forward, shine, succeed, or love, or joy, the blockages are like a U-turn around, you don’t move forward you go back and relive what you just did, or they state you were in.

The blockages come from the way you think, and what you put out to others, it comes from us, and we get stuck.

We need to be careful about where our conscious is, and where our thoughts are.

Just remember whatever you put out comes back, and that is how you can begin to unblock what is going on in your life too.

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