The Power of Imagination

We need to be quiet with ourselves, and tap into the power of imagination and visualizing what we want.

When there are times when we don’t know what we want, when we can’t see clearly, when we feel indecisive, lost, confused, this is the most important time to clearly sit and listen and see what you want.

Imagination is how things come into being.

When we are jumping around in our personal lives, with our career goals, with scattered thoughts, or feel torn in different directions it is time to get quiet.

If thoughts are scattered we cannot focus on what we want to do.

Things may feel overwhelming. Also as things we wanted before come into our existence and are new this feeling can happen too..

For example a new relationship, a new job, changing cities, everything can feel confusing, and there is that period of uncertainty of what are we doing this for?

Is it right?

Did we do it wrong?

So what do we do?

We let go.

We still our minds.

We sit down and we open ourselves up.

Repeating mentally that they how is not in our hands, to let go and just start to see again clearly from yourself. Then we start to say okay. This is what I want. Start to imagine it. Letting go of how it will come into being.

For example someone wants to find something new to do or some new work. To get a new job, or an interview, an opportunity to come through. You find stillness to quiet your mind and you just imagine how you do it, how you feel, what you look like, who you interact with.

Some examples are, you have a small house and you want a bigger house. Or you want to move and live in a different city. Or you want to find a new career, a new passion, do something extraordinary and unique but don’t know what, why, or how.

The first step is to believe in it and visualize it and see it. To fell into it, without it existing yet. See yourself
where you want to be and start to give details about it. Maybe a piece of furniture in the new house you want, or a front door, a career you love and how you get there, the car you drive.

They key is to know that even when you have what you want you must keep going, it comes and then the overwhelm comes, and the trick is to take time each day to tap into your imagination and see yourself where you want to be, but to let go of the how and why and the resistance, or worry that it won’t come to you.

If you want to do something unusual but you don’t believe you can do it, because you don’t see it. You start to visualize it and when that comes clear you start to build the things that you want. This is how it all starts to happen, with you and your imagination.

In my book I talk about this, and how to understand the power of the mind. It all starts within us.

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