The Creator

I want to explain what the Creator is for me.

God , light, or the other names.

The Creator is not about a religion. The Creator instead to me, is something we can not describe and not really name it.

It is more of a feeling, it is an energy.

It is all the things when we think and when we speak… whatever we do this is the Creator – this is God. It comes through us in all that we do.

To me the Creator is like a father that I can count on, a protector, someone I adore, someone I respect.

This force – in which I call the Creator … is a symbol for me in how to be. To love unconditionally. To focus on the good, and find the good that I can share and give to the world.

All the love, all the listening, all the understanding, all the times when I feel uncertain and then I get an answer… usually it is an inner feeling, but it isn’t you.

It is a great feeling to know that you have someone  who you can lean on. Most of us try to find an external thing to lean into. Like a bank, money, a job, a person, a government. Sometimes we forget that we are all people with our own rules, unique to our own, the answers are within us if we become aware to listen for them.

In the country or in the place that I am at work, or at home. If we have something to deal with, when we feel unease, or confusion we can tune into that grace, that higher truth, listen for answers and understand this secret – understand how to use it.

With this we get peace and you can do the same.

This is the Creator.

If I have a question and I am to ask this question of understanding and I am aware, then I get an answer. It is a great feeling to know that inside all of us we have something higher that we can lean on and trust.

In Chapter 7 of my book Our Journey I talk about this a lot. You can always find that peace, the Creator within. In this time of the universe with all that is going on, everyone needs this energy and this force to tune into – even when you don’t see it physically it is there, and it is guidance.

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