Dealing with Difficult Life Situations

When we have a bad situation – some challenge, some difficulty, some hardship in some way… we usually tell people about it.

We talk about it, we complain about it, and we feel angry about it.

The thing is we create energy when we talk and dwell in it and the more we talk about it the bigger the energy becomes, the more people believe in it… the more you believe in it… and things become worse.

For example if you have a divorce or you are fired from your job or you are diagnosed with cancer, when challenges come into our lives… we have to be careful not to make them bigger.

This is my opinion if you want to take it out of your system and talk about it and complain you can take it out of your system and tell one person that you trust.

The second thing is to write it down and then write down how you see it and how you want it to be, how you want it to be different.

The third part you write what you learn from it.

Three parts. First, Write  the situation. Second, write how you can deal with it, how you can heal from it, what you can do, what you would have done differently but also what you can differently now. Third, write down what you learn from it.

That is it.

Be careful when something challenges happens to you that you don’t make it bigger. When you write it down and you contemplate how you can make it different how you can learn from it, you already start the healing process of that situation.

Bless everyone and notice your thoughts, notice what you talk about and how often, notice that you are not making your problems bigger and more complicated than they need to be.

This is never mentioned and a really important thing to understand.

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