Letting Go

Sometimes we feel that we did everything that we can do about a situation and we wonder why it is not happening the way we want it to, or working out for us?

In that moment, let it go, release it and let the universe take care of it.

There is this moment when we let go. There is nothing else we can do. What that means is we don’t think about it anymore, we let the situation go and we trust that the answers to it, or what we need from it, will come in its own time. There comes a point when we do the best that we can do and then all we can do is let go and release it.

When it doesn’t happen, the questions and the worry start to come. We start to compare and blame ourselves, and thoughts come in, we analyze and over think… we keep ourselves stuck in our own heads of what we did wrong. When we let it go, that is when it will come in its own time.

To let go, really means to do everything that you can do, the best you can do and then release it.
You stop putting energy and thoughts into it.

For example, let say that I have to go to court in one month. I can prepare as much as I can, get all the paperwork in order, prepare myself for the questions they will ask. Then I let it go. I don’t analyze it and I don’t think about it.

Another example is let say I send my resume. I find the jobs I want and apply, send in my resume.
Then I let it go. I don’t let the thoughts come in thinking what if they don’t choose me? I don’t let in the negative thoughts.  I just let it go, do my part and let it go.

Each one of needs to think about ourselves. Where is the area where we can let go. Where are we holding on and keeping ourselves from something? Trying to control what we no longer can?

We do our best and we let it go. That’s when you open up the space for things to come in.
I promise you when you do this, you will see miracles come in.

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