Achieving Goals

To achieve the goals we set up for ourselves… anything we want in life – a job, a new house, a vacation, to meet the right person, to be physically fit, etc. Anything we want, we can have it, we just have to know what sets us back from getting there.

We set up a goal that we want to achieve. In the meantime our mind goes to so many negative thoughts – or focuses on the not having of that goal, in this mindset, and focus is the reason we don’t achieve it as quickly as we want to.

We need to set up a goal, and focus our attention on the having of it.

As if we already have it now. To focus on the goal that we set, and to not focus on the getting there, or the how it will come, or what if we can’t do it, or comparing… just refocus back on the having of it, and the feeling of that.

All kinds of thoughts come in and interfere, whether they are how we are going to do it, what other people think about it, discouragement. I call these interferences U-Turn moments.

We have to notice and then not make the turn back, to keep going and seeing the end goal, not the confusion on the way to get there. That is what sets us back.

Whatever you can do to shrink the negative thoughts and beliefs the better. The minute that you minimize them, you realize it is just a decision and your goal- what you want, is there, you are just setting yourself back when you let in discouragement and worry come in during the process.

This is how you build yourself to make yourself strong, and this is how you will get to your goals. It starts with our thoughts. If you think about what you want, and don’t let any other thoughts in but that, you are well on your way to your goal.

Good luck, and keep noticing, paying attention, asking the questions of why it isn’t working, and then realize you can turn it around. It is within you.

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