I want to talk about fear.

When we are scared, when we worry, when we have fears about our life, about the future, about the past, it holds us back from what we want.

It is not only when we are scared of something physical like being on a balcony on the 100th floor… or that kind of fear. I am talking about fears that block us to move on.

Fears that are stopping us from creating new things, or going on to the next level – letting in new accomplishments in our life that we want to get to. Emotional fear, fear of the unknown, fear of not being enough, these are the fears that block us, and they all start with our thoughts.

Fear can be in the way, our relationships, our business, our hobbies, fear can stop us from doing what we really want. We just need to control our thoughts. Sometimes small steps. Sometimes a bigger step, or even a jump. It really depends on the situation, but first it start with paying attention, paying attention to our thoughts.

Fear comes from the unknown when we don’t know what will happen. That is when we have to stop the fear from coming in, and focus not on the process, but more the wanting of what we want.

The fear is coming for us, to help us overcome it, so that we can get on our path and overcome what is stopping us from having the life we truly want to live.

Fear comes from the unknown. When we can stop our thoughts at this moment when there is a moment of unknown, we can stop the fear.

For example, getting a drivers license. When we first did it, we were worried. We did all the things we can do to learn, and we got to the day when the exam comes, we clear our minds, let go, and just do it.

It is the same thing with other things. When we stop the thoughts of worry and fear, and let go, and just do it, it is ours, the fear is erased.

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