Balanced Vitality and Immune System – Part 1

How is our immune system connected to our Vitality – mind and body.

When we feel off balance, not in perfect health, down or upset, maybe someone told you something, or heard some news and it brought up fear that took you off balance and our immune system goes down.

When this comes up we must realize it and then get back to balanced vitality. So how can we be balanced? It is a lot of parts, it is not only one part.

For example, it is not only the way we eat, or who surrounds us, or the way we think, or the way we behave.. it is all of the above.

To be in balance and vitality, to feel good, to feel ease, is when people don’t bother us. Even if someone says something about us – it. doesn’t affect us.

This is how we want to be, where the outside doesn’t control us.

There are many components to being balanced. I want to talk about one big component today – the people that surround you.

Try the best you can to have people around you that don’t put you down. Try to surround yourself with people who believe in you, encourage you, help you feel better.

Even if you were friends with people for a long time, if they don’t make you feel good, you can still be friends with them… but you don’t need to spend time with them. If the people at your work or your job don’t make you feel good, you can change your job. If it is a member of family that you must live with, you have to learn how to distance yourself, listen to what they say, and then not let it get inside you.

Always give others a compliment, give them love, give them light. Never fight with the darkness. Give them back the good things. Usually when you do that either people change their thinking and actions to you, or they leave your life. This is just one of the aspects on vitality.

We are going to continue with other components that add to it, but this is a big one – notice who you spend your time with and how you feel.

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