Balanced Vitality and the Immune System – Part 2

How is our immune system connected to our Vitality – mind and body.

When we feel off-balance, not in perfect health, down or upset, we are not balanced. Last time we talked about how to balance our mind and body, to be surrounded with people who lift us up, give us compliments, help us feel good, feel joy.

To not spend too much time with people who are complaining, gossiping, making us feel down. Who we are with affects us if we do not pay attention. It is us up to us to notice and be aware of this.

Besides this, the second part is to know we still have a body that we need to take care of. Today I want to talk about exercise. Whatever form of exercise you do, soccer, tennis, pilates, a 20-min workout.

Whatever you do, the truth is we need to move our bodies daily. We cannot sit all day. Connected to our vitality is how we move our body.

Any kind of physical exercise, activity that you like or you enjoy do that! For those people who have no desire, try to find something to just move your body. You can go for a walk.

YouTube is filled with beginner exercises – you can find a 10-20 minute video to watch and do. QiGong, Anaerobic Exercises are a great place to begin, there is also a machine that shakes your body – the blood in our body needs to move.

Going to a gym or finding a support group is great too. It doesn’t have to always be the same. There are so many things you can do, or try, or have variety, just make sure you are moving your body in different ways every day.

This aspect is the second part to achieving balanced vitality. The next part is going to be about food, drinks, and what you put into your body. We will talk about that later on.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out! Keep moving and surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, help you feel good, and watch how your vitality goes up, and you
start to feel ease and overall balance.

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