Balanced Vitality and the Immune System – Part 3

This is the third part of the blog sequence about how to raise our vitality and how it is connected to the immune system and our life.

We did two parts already. The first focused on being aware of the way we we think and talk, and to be aware of the people who surround us. The second part was about why we need to move the body and how to do things that are good for your body and your soul, such as things you enjoy and different forms of activities, even just for 20 minutes a day.

This is the third part – which is about food. When most people think about food, they think about counting calories and trying to eat more or less. For me, I learned to think about food in terms of energy. I am looking at what is living and if I’m eating enough food that gives me energy.

What is energy food? It is a vegetable, fruit, or food that has life. It is mostly fruits and veggies. I am just giving little bits here, each one of us can go further into this and really research what is best for them and their own diet. But in general, natural foods have life and energy. Green juice, fruits, figs, dried items, fresh food, cooked soup, and natural foods.

If you feel down, low, and tired, try to eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Another thing to try is bone soup or broth. You put vegetables and bones together to make a broth and then boil it for 4+ hours. I try to make it like a warm tea and have a really healing broth to drink. It gives you energy too.

We can research so many things about what we are putting into our body. I included a few of them. If you can take notice and really try to see how your food affects you, you will notice your vitality will rise.

We also need to be in the sun at least 15 minutes to get vitamin D. To eat foods that come from the earth. To feed our body with things that give us life. Again this is just to wake up our minds, and remind you of vitality, and the aspects of it.

Foods can heal us, enhance our immune system, and give us life. You can dive deeper into it, I am just giving you the idea.

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