I want to talk about how happiness is important for our body, mind, and soul.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to be in a state of happiness. To be in a state of feeling good, of feeling light, of feeling fulfilled, happy, at ease. In this state you don’t feel down. You don’t feel depression, or sadness, or the weight of life.

So many of you ask how do we get into a to a state of happiness? Each one of us needs to find things that make us feel better, make us feel good in some way, and do those more often especially when we are feeling down.

We immediately jump to a different state when we choose to focus on something that feels good. There are so many things in our control that can make us happy. What do you like to do, or listen to, or watch, or read that shifts your mood? Or just feels good?

For example listening to happy songs, dancing, meditating, catching a joke, a funny video, a stand up comedian, a funny picture, getting outside, playing a sport like tennis, or swimming, surfing, baking, cooking.. etc. all the things you can find that make you fulfilled in some way are the road to happiness. Do them.

I know life is filled with a lot of challenges, but try your best to be in a state of happiness as much as you can. It is a state of mind that opens up doors of flow, ease, joy, it helps you to feel good.. your body, mind, and soul. It helps you get in that place where you can see clearly, see the bigger picture, see what you want, it is where we make progress when we feel good and when we’re happy.

I wish for everyone to find this state. Sending happiness your way.

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