Light the Spark of Joy and Happiness

We need to remind ourselves that we are in charge of our happiness and joy.

Individually we are in charge with our thoughts and our minds to light up ourselves with happiness and joy in.

I know in life there are many challenges. We go through things… there is contrast between happiness and sadness. We feel worry, and fear, and anxiety.

Challenges come at us and we have to find ways to face them. This is natural and this how we grow.

The reminder is that we must not stay in that low state for too long, we can talk with our minds and we can decide to choose a different feeling.

We always need to remind ourselves to not let the sadness and worry and stress stay for too long. To see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Each one of us needs to see where we are standing and be able to guide and direct our thoughts to the point where we can find lightness and happiness.

This is a decision you can make in your life. The choice is yours always. You are in control to change it. I know I have mentioned before how we can change our thoughts, by focusing on something that feels good. Music, dancing, art, a hobby you love, exercise, good food, friends that lift you up, books that bring joy, uplifting pictures, pets, etc.

When we find a feeling that feels good it has momentum and we can find another thing and another.

To light this happiness and joy is the key. To find inner peace and be smiling as much as we can. Turn your direction to something that feels good and more will follow that.

Sending you lightness and happiness.

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