Past Lives – Recognition

This week I want to talk about past lives and soul recognition. I know many people don’t believe this exists, or happens, and that is okay.

In my book, I explain more into this, and also in a lot of religious texts there are mentions of past lives. What I can do is explain myself, and how this conclusion came to me.

A great example is a child. Sometimes at a young age, they naturally pick up music without learning it, or cooking, or art. These talents come so beyond effortlessly sometimes and that comes from somewhere else.

Each of us has lessons that we come here to learn, and things that we have been through before to be repeated and recognized in this lifetime.

Sometimes you say wow, I feel like I have been here before. Places and people that resonate so deeply with us that we feel like we know them, even in our first encounter.
Music as well, when we hear music that reminds us of another time. Art, places.

Sometimes we have a deeper connection with a person. A friend, a child, a grandparent. You feel connected. This is because the soul knows each other. You have been together before, so the love is deeper, the depth, the passion.

This belongs to you. This is something you did already. How do you know? When you just know? Because your soul knows, this is a past life.

It can also come through negative things… being afraid of water, being afraid of driving, these fears are signs into past lives too.

The truth is to just be aware of what life you may have lived before, what seems to just be a knowing inside of you. When it comes to work, people, love, places, fears, joy, all of this is connected and you have known it before.

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