Memories – why we have them and what to do with them.

We have bad memories, and good memories. We remember certain things, the specifics, and the details of events, and then other things we don’t really remember. Someone reminds us, sometimes it comes back to us… sometimes we block it out… so why do we have them?

The memories that come to us from childhood, or from your past are important. They come to us to help us learn something about our lives. To tell us about our character, or about the lesson we are needing to learn… for example things we are scared of and things that are not complete in areas of life.

In the memories we can find a lot of things about us. They can help us continue our lives peacefully, and to understand. Memories are not there to make us angry or upset, but they are there to help us, to help us complete ourselves.

The good memories can tell us about ourselves as well. Focus on them, and let them give clarity. Clarity on what to be, on what brings us love and joy. The moments that make us our best self.

What brings you passion in a job, or a close relationship? Memories are connected to your soul. You can look at my book for this, Our Journey, I write about traits that come to you naturally since a child and it brings you ease.. the things that are easy that come from a higher place, your soul… your soul mates, to attract what can elevate you, people and opportunities that resonate with your soul… memories can help us remember ourselves.

The bad memories are important too… to actually face them and realize they are bringing up places and areas in life that need more healing, that are not complete, that are from the past and need some attention.

Use the good and the bad memories to help you, on your journey, and realize that we have them for a reason… to help us in this lifetime.

Let me know if you have more questions on this, and please check out my book, I write about this a lot, and how it can help you grow and understand why you are here.

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