When We Ask for Help – and the Ego

I want to write about asking for help and guidance and then the Ego and how the two are related.

First of all this is about you and yourself. Me and myself. Whatever you are going through, it is your journey and what happens to us is because of our thoughts, our behavior.

In those moments where we turn and ask for help and guidance, the ego usually comes up and contradicts it. The ego says no you’re not good, don’t ask, it won’t work, it second guesses with the mind.

Some people believe in religion, some believe in angels, some in a higher spiritual power, some souls, past lives, meditation, whatever you believe in – it doesn’t matter but ask it.

Anything where you need help in life, you have to hand over the ego and believe in something higher than you. Believe in guidance and signs. It will help you if you believe it will and don’t let the mind or the ego get in the way.

Another thing that is powerful, and I talk a lot about this in my book, is water, the healing power of water, and talking to the water. Believing it can help and heal you, and give you answers.

Another thing is your body, to heal it, you can talk to it, and heal it, tell your body that you can get through the pain or sickness or whatever is going on, and talk to it, hand it over to something higher than you, and talk to the area that hurts.

The Ego gets in the way of believing these things work, it tells you no way, or it is nonsense, or why? The truth is we need to try everything beyond us to have a good life.

If you are in a situation and you don’t know what to do – ask for guidance. As for something higher than you to help you and it will – beyond the ego, there is a higher force, and you can call on it anytime.

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