About Disappointment

We feel disappointment when we want something that we didn’t get. Whether it is from a relationship that we thought would happen, or would succeed, but hasn’t, or disappointed from ourselves – that we didn’t achieve something, or do something.

When disappointment comes, it comes from having expectations. Disappointment happens for us to learn a lesson, and learn something that we didn’t before.

Oftentimes when the same things keep happening, it keeps letting you down again and again. So what do we do?

First, we need to try to do our best. If we find that we get challenged, we have to ask what can we do differently, or now? To move through it.

Everything, even disappointment is here to teach us something. A lesson, and part of our Journey.

So try to do your best, and think differently. This is the key to getting to what we want. To shift from disappointment.

How do we avoid disappointment? By not having any expectations. To not know or to think that we know what is going to happen with any person or situation.

We want it badly but we are not there yet. So we just need to continue and to try not to expect much from ourselves, or from our friends, or from our relationships. They will happen their own way.

We have to look at ourselves and ask, what are we seeing, what are we thinking and what is the desire from ourselves that we so long for?

Focus on that, and not the lack of it. Disappointment is here to teach us a valuable lesson so try to make the best of it and change your thoughts.

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