Past Life Recognition

This is a topic that is very deep.
Some people believe in it – past lives, recognition of souls.
Some people don’t believe in it at all.
There are many books on the topic. I want to get to one point within this topic – which is recognition, about what we have and who we are in this life.
Sometimes we feel that we miss something in our life. For example, we wish to be rich, we wish to be married, we wish to be famous, we wish to have children.
We have to remember that each time we are born into our lives, we come here with different circumstances to learn and remember something in this time. To learn a lesson.
For example, if a girl is born without a mother, she needs to learn about motherhood or into a very wealthy home, there is a lesson to learn.
If you are born poor but have great parents, maybe your lesson in this life is about money.
There can be so many examples.
The thing is we miss things from past lives.
They are familiar to us because we have had them before. That is okay. We
need to live in the moment, and live with the tools that the creator gives and the gifts that the creator gives us in this life, this time.
Correct yourself. If we see something or feel something that we miss that we don’t have this time. Try to correct yourself. The soul lives all the time, the situations become bigger when we don’t put attention to them in this life. If we miss things we need to remember to let go and accept what is ours in this lifetime.
To focus on the gift that we have in this life. Put the effort in that you can, but also know that it is endless… you feel this way because you have had it before – so let go of it for now.
This is a very deep topic, but hope it brings you some calm and takes away the pressure. You are here to learn and are born into the life you have to do just that.

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