Time to See the Good

Christmas is a time of celebration – even if you don’t celebrate it – the season is a celebration. Things close, the holidays are festive, you are given a break from work and a holiday.

This time of year is most important to find appreciation and love and to see the good in it.

This is a time to be together, to see family, to be with friends. It is a time to end the year and enjoy a time of belonging before the New Year.

Christmas is a time for unity. To come together. It is a time to see the good. To see the good in each other, to see the good in circumstances, to see the good things that we have.

When you focus on the good things, it fills your heart with peace, with appreciation. To bless everyone. To see the good with people that you work with, with the members of your family.

To see the good in all of the unity of our lives. To focus on the good in it, and the hope for new, the love in the past.

It is a good time to give others good things. Whatever support you can give, it is a good time to think about what you want to create, what you want to do. To respect others, each one of us in this journey, and see the good – in all of us, with where we are now.

Christmas is a time of coming together even if you cannot be physical – reach out to a member of the family, or a friend with a compliment, with hope, fill them with good – so they feel good about themselves. Try to be as positive as you can be, and influence others to find happiness and appreciation too. See the good in this time of year.

Lots of love & Merry Christmas!

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