Happy New Year – Welcome 2022

In the New Year, I recommend that each one of us take a moment to sit with ourselves and think about how this past year was for us.

Think about what we wanted to change, what we wanted to achieve, and what we wanted to do better in. Think about what we want to work on and change in the New Year and areas that we can work on and focus on to better ourselves.

Also, think about things that we are really happy about from this past year. Think about pieces of your life that felt good in 2021, moments, memories, people, experiences.

I think when you write things down, it helps you take a couple steps forward. It feels like you are already doing something when you take pen to paper and write about what you want and what you love. First it comes to your mind, then you visualize it, and then when you write it down it is like taking a step closer to understanding and bringing in new things.

We can think about places or parts that have outgrown us, that no longer serve us, and that we want to change. It can be work or relationships, or something that we have wanted to do for a long time but haven’t had the time to do it. Don’t be afraid to take this step, and to do what you want.

Talk about what you do want, and then create it. What has happened in this past year, use it for clarity as you enter this New Year.

The last night of the year, just be happy. Try to appreciate everything that is around you. Wish everyone a really happy new year, and find appreciation for where you are now. If you take these moments and write things down, it will only bring
you closer to your best self.

Happy New Year!

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