About Love

Happy New Year.

I want to talk about love in this New Year.

I hope you are feeling ready for the new year, and having the right mindset – it is all within our minds for creating positive and new things. Love is one way to start to feel really good, when you give love, you receive it back.

What is love? We all have different love languages, for some people, it is buying a present, for others it is human connection, for some, it is giving time to others.

I think love is attention, it’s listening, it’s giving compliments, encouraging others, and being present. Love is doing nice things for others. Love is listening, giving, noticing the
details. When we really see the person we are acting out of love.

If we buy them something we can actually see them, know what they would like, know who they are. What music they like, know what food they like, know the details.

Love is caring. Love is thinking about others before ourselves. Love is kind and feels good to be in.

Let us try this year to care about others with love, and to listen more. To have less judgment, less fear, and more appreciation for each other. More love, which will help to make this planet beautiful.

Happy 2022.

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