Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I want to talk about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone. Let’s say you live in a city, and do the same thing day after day – work the same job, and see the same people, in the same apartments and neighborhood.

You are not getting out of your comfort zone.

When you stay in the same place daily – you cannot see something else or know anything different, and you stay in the same stages of your life. Try to push yourself to get out – to do something different and actually move places for a short time. Take a small trip, visit family, reach out and switch up your routine.

When you do this and take a leap that is a little bit uncomfortable you start to see the big picture of your life, and things that you can do differently or better. Anything that you want to achieve – any character that you want to be.
All of the things that come in our mind when we are someplace new help us change our lives toward what we want more of.

When we are in the same place we see the same thing, when we are someplace new we see different things and therefore we think differently.

Remember we create our own reality – it is always good to branch out of our comfort zone in a bigger way by leaving where we are, finding energy that is new, and your reality will change.

Wherever you go – sit with yourself and start to write from a place outside of your mind. When you have no thoughts, for your heart. Be brave and take the step away from what you are used to, outside of what is comfortable.

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