Directing and Controlling Our Thoughts

I want to talk about controlling our thoughts. When situations come to us that are difficult, or someone tells us unfortunate news, or a dilemma comes into our reality – the key thing to do is to notice our thoughts.

Usually, we start to create a movie with our thoughts. We start to worry, we start to be sad, etc. The minute that we have this situation – when the thoughts pour in and the fear movie is created – notice it, and change it to the good.

For example, right now most of us have experiences with the Coronavirus time, with Covid. Most of the people played into the fear mentality. Being scared, fear of death, fear of sickness. The news plays into this too. Change the movie for you, notice the good. Not ignoring what is going on with Covid, but to focus on the good that exists for you too. You can’t change what happened or happens, but you can change your thoughts which will change your reality. What can I do about it? 

What can I do to protect my health and wellness? How can I check my vitamins? This is just an example of covid because it is happening now, but it can be with anything.

When challenges come at us, sometimes it can push us to do things that we really wanted to do, changing things in our life that we postponed. Focus on the good.

Where is your mind and what direction is going in? This is what comes to you, and what the new future creates. So the key is to notice your thoughts and to constantly remind yourself to change them for the good.

Stop the bad movie and try to find something else, the better story to focus on. Focus on the good thoughts, and that is the beginning of manifesting something good. It is better to create good things. 

Ask yourself why has it happened to me? How can I change it for the better? Create a good movie/picture/mindset – it holds so much power for everything in your life.

Your mind and your thoughts are what create the future, on what is going to happen to you, controlling your thoughts can bring good into your life, those thoughts are the first step to creating.

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