I want to talk about the power of “I Am”.

To explain this, all of us are born with something that we don’t believe is within us. We all at some point doubt our potential.

For example, we don’t believe that we are worthy, or good enough, we don’t believe in ourselves, we doubt ourselves, we second guess.

That is okay. I want to talk about the positives. If we don’t try things, we don’t know.

Sometimes we fail, sometimes we are disappointed, sometimes we have people that judge us, and then other times we judge ourselves, sometimes we get let down.

Each one of us goes through something that makes us feel a certain way. What is key is that each one of us can overcome this by writing down the I AM affirmations.

I am worthy.
I am strong.
I am beautiful.
I am capable.
I am going to have a wonderful day.
I am going to succeed.

Write and repeat all the kind words that you can find. Write them down, listen to them in the morning, and repeat them in your mind.

Listen to these in the morning and in the evening until you feel that you are okay, you are good. Adding I am, gives it strength, and makes your subconscious mind believe it over time.

Feeling down will happen many times in our lives, but the way to come out is to find the positives… and know the power of the I am affirmations. Focus on the good, not what you are not. Focus on what you can be, not what you lack. Focus on all that you are and
all that you have.

If you need help there are many YouTube videos with I am affirmations and mediations you can do as well. Put it in your mind in the mornings, and whenever your mind starts to stress. Just look up I AM affirmations and know you can get help. You can build
yourself up. Even if you see things that you didn’t do right, know that you can find another way, what belongs to you will come.

Know that you are worthy, and you deserve so much.

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