Time for Introspection

This is spring time. Everything starts to grow, the flowers bloom, the sky becomes clear.

This is a good time to look within yourself and check in with yourself, finding introspection.

Sometimes we need to stop and think, and look within ourselves. To think about what we want to do, what we have done, what we want to achieve, what we already have achieved. To take time and recognize, realize, what we want to change, how we can change, who can help us.

Truly going within yourself … ask the questions. Especially if something happened to you that you don’t understand. Look within and ask what do you need to do, what you can learn, what you have been going through?

Ask yourself, where am I lazy? Where do I have doubt? Sit with yourself without judgment or beating yourself up over whatever comes. You can sit and write it down, or just take a couple minutes a day letting yourself process. Without judging anyone, and especially not judging yourself.

Just looking at your life, and asking yourself honestly how can I improve, how can I feel more relaxed and happy with my life? How can I feel a fullness, a satisfied feeling within myself?

Know that you are achieving things and you are taking your time. You take it step by step to get to this feeling of satisfaction.

Sitting with yourself and looking inward is a step to that process. Just thinking how we want our life to be better. How to feel more relaxed, happy, to feel like you are achieving something. Feeling full, at ease. To sit with yourself and find some introspection is step one.

Again this is spring. The best season to do this, and let in new, a fullness, blooming, open sky kind of feeling.

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