Remembering the Past

It is important to remember the past, and most important to look back and remember the good things about your past.

I want you to think back to your childhood, and think of things that were good. A friend you used to have, little things that made you smile, how you used to be.

Look at yourself like you are a child, and remember how you were. You can think about how you used to look, your own innocence, what you were going through at the time, activities you used to do, etc.

Look at how that turned you into who you are now. Think about the good things, think about your behaviors, and why things happened the way they did, picture yourself changing things you didn’t like, to understand why, and how you have changed those parts of you today.

Ask yourself why were you born into this country? Or why you grew up in that neighborhood, with those people? Why were you born at that time? How do you look today? What do you surround yourself with now? It is good to remember where you came from, and how far we go from that starting point.

Try to focus on how you changed for the better, and also the good things about your past. Try to focus on your near future, what you want to do more of and what you want to be now.

Go back to the memory and see how you have changed and grown. Think about areas you wanted to do better – and from that, you can change your thought process and your behavior.

Be proud that you went through a lot of things between then and now. Keep imagining good things into your life, how you want it to be. Remember it is a step by step process to get there.

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