Asking the question of “why?” is really important. I talk a lot about this in my book, Our Journey.

To ask “why?” makes us go deeper and look at our lives and understand them, bringing us a better quality of life.

Asking “why?” questions such as: Why do I belong to this family?
Why do I have these children?
Why have I chosen this job or career path?
Why do I want to be a writer?
Why do I like this person? Or anything that I choose, why?
Why do I live in this country?
Why did I move to this country?
Why, and why, and why?

Why do we need to ask these questions? By asking these questions of “why?” we start to know ourselves. We start to understand what we like, what we want, what we have, and where we can learn.

We also are able to see places/areas in our lives where we can do better, understand why we are here, and perhaps a way to do it differently.

By asking “why?” on all topics, you see things you want more of in your life and things that you no longer want to have. You see clarity and an understanding of where you are now, and how you can improve yourself.

When we sit with ourselves and ask ourselves the why questions, we gain a clearer state of mind about which way to take our life, of what we need to do next. We come to peace with who we are, how it is better to have a peaceful life, to understand other people, to love yourself. All of these things come from the question of why? And being honest with your answers.

Again, doing this will ultimately enhance our lives, and add depth and understanding.

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