The Power of Imagination

This is a reminder of the power of imagination and how we create our own reality.

Imagination is so important in our lives. When we say we want things, such as better relationships, a new car, a new job, health, etc. we pray, we meditate, we do all kinds of things to get there. We go to the ocean, we look at the sky, we crave relief from what we currently have. All of these things are good, but why do so often the things we want not come into our life?

Imagination is the key – to sit with yourself and imagine yourself as you have it. To imagine the specifics of what you are asking for.

What kind of car?
What kind of relationship?
What kind of experiences?

A helpful way is to write down exactly what you want, if you want a relationship get specific on it, if you want a job, an apartment or a house. The more specific you are and the way you imagine it, is the way of the universe and how it will come into your life.

If we don’t ask for things and imagine them, we are given something else that is close but maybe not quite right.

So take the time, to dream, to envision, to imagine what you really want and know it can be yours.

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