How to Prevent Bad things From Happening to Us

How can we prevent unfortunate things from happening to us?

We see so many unfortunate events that happen to people – car accidents, drowning in the sea, getting sick, feeling stuck. I got this question from my patient and I told her that this universe, this planet, operates with the law of cause and effect, and what you put out into it comes back to you.

How can we prevent things from happening to us that are really negative?

We cannot always stop really sad things from happening in our lives, but we can try to prevent them because we can control our thoughts and our actions. Whatever we give we get.

Give whatever you can from yourself to others who need it, give charity to others, and help others. Find something you can do to help the community, help others on the street when walking by, or even just be kind. You don’t have to go crazy but there are little things every day you can do to give back that will not only help someone and bring peace, but also they will calm you.

Meditate, pray for others, light a candle and send love to the universe and others who need it. Whenever you get worried that something bad may happen, or you have been reading the news and feeling low… come back to giving something from yourself to others. That will prevent the judgment, the negativity, the frustration from coming to your life.

Give a compliment, a hug, money, and love. Help others feel better about themselves and by giving you get. The law of cause and effect, whatever you put out or give out will come back to you.

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