Listening – To Deal With Anger From Another

Sometimes someone can come and take out all their anger on you. It happens, and it can upset us but the truth is we just have to realize it is not us, or ours to carry, the best way to react is simply by listening.

Listening means we don’t need to answer back, we just let people get their anger out, and we don’t need to take it personally, to remember it is about them, and not our own.

We don’t need to think it or about why this is happening to us, or why we created it. You can go and think about why it has happened later, you can realize it is not yours.

Listen from their pain, listen from where it has come.

Listen from his or her lack of love and other things. Try to listen for what may have triggered it. Try to be yourself and listen without responding and then understand from where it has come.

You are the channel in which you can help another but from a different way than reacting, you can help by listening. To see what this person needs by listening to their words, and let that person’s voice come out about his pain.

You always need to see how you can help but not necessarily from our point of view and what we think, but just by listening to where they are coming from and their point of view.

Let their anger die down before you try to solve it, and know that sometimes you just have to listen. At the moment it is not yours it is theirs and you are just the channel to try and understand it and by doing that, understand them.

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