Hello! My name is Rachel Benor and if you’ve landed on this page, it is not by coincidence. I invite you to take a look around my site which offers personal treatment, workshops, and seminars.

Life can feel overwhelming, stressful and unchangeable. What if you had the clarity to understand what is holding you back from knowing your purpose in life and how to achieve it? What if you were empowered to manage and overcome any challenges that come your way without fear? What if you could heal life-long wounds—both known and subconscious—and improve family relationships?

With my guidance, you will unlock the ability to remove what’s blocking you from understanding and achieving your full potential. Every person has a unique consciousness and way of processing life. I offer a highly individualized approach, unique to each client, through which you will gain insight and clarity about your life’s purpose and the tools to manifest it. I will lead you on a personal journey that will enable you to transform negative belief systems, open areas in your consciousness that are blocked, and create more joyful and meaningful life experiences and relationships.

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What Rachel did today was amazing. She somehow unlocked one level of my consciousness. The way she explained to be present clicked within me and still resonates. The reality I experienced today was completely different experience than I had before.


I attended Rachel’s workshop in London UK. Rachel has a wonderful energy of youth and longevity around her. She was very direct but gentle in the same time. I felt a boost of confidence after the practical part, she is very intuitive and knows how to make everyone feel great.