What Rachel did today was amazing. She somehow unlocked one level of my consciousness. The way she explained to be present clicked within me and still resonates. The reality I experienced today was completely different experience than I had before.

– David

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rachel Ben-Or for the past 10 years. She has been a spiritual mentor and friend.

This past month, I personally booked a session with Rachel who channels so well the inner dimensions of blockages in our souls. She is like an X-ray. Without having to say much, Rachel was able to visualize and intuitively access my internal barriers to creating the life I want for myself and my family.

The day after my session with Rachel, I felt an immediate sense of healing and rejuvenation in my gut. I have been following her tips for continuing to build on the healed parts of my soul and I have seen the results already in my daily life.

No matter how far along you are on your spiritual path, Rachel has a talent for simplifying your life’s obstacles in a way that you can heal yourself and get out of your head and out of the old patterns and behaviors that hold you back from creating the life of your dreams.

– Emily Frances (NYC TV Host, Reporter, Producer)

I have known Rachel casually for 10 years or so. Earlier this year, she asked if we could have a drink because she had a message for me. That night changed my life. She talked to me about things she felt I had to do to make my life better. She was so accurate in her  analysis and she gave me “homework” and made me write everything down.
One aspect of my life turned around completely in that one night. She helped me create a lot of openings that keep opening up with each passing week. That one night was a life changer. I highly recommend her as a coach if you want change and are willing to work for it!!!

– Cynthia

Rachel Ben-Or helped me through meditation, to connect to myself,and peacefully explained to me, how to declutter my mind from thoughts that weren’t really mine. There is a great sense of peace and wisdom coming from her. I will always be very thankful she crossed into my path.

– Daisy T.

Rachel’s seminar are life changing. She has the ability to bring forgiveness and oneness.
Her deep wisdom and compassionate heart are rare qualities.
Rachel is a blessing in anyone’s life.

– Daniela

I met with Rachel for a one on one. She really helped me with practical steps to understand myself better.

– Michael

Rachel Ben Or works with your body to release the pain of past hurts. She digs deeply to release this pain so that you can do your work for the Creator in this lifetime. She performs miracles.

– Sandra

I very much recommend Rachel’s seminars if you are looking to improve or make a shift in your life, other than using conventional practices. Rachel’s own life experiences, spiritual transformation and growth is only a part of her strong foundation to help one’s transformation to a healthier and serene way of living. Rachel’s method mixes spirituality with other techniques that motivate you to make changes in your life. One can benefit from her techniques and awaken their true purpose in life.

– Esther

As a person who has been seeking my personal best self realization for many years, I need to state Rachel’s spiritual assistance and guidance are a must. She leads you to find the answers within yourself – no nonsense here. For those who have a strong desire to become who they are destined to be and remove the blockages that get in the way of achieving this, Rachel’s spiritual guidance is for you.

Since my sessions with Rachel I have healed wounds that I have carried with me from childhood, improved my family relationships with more clarity and understanding and have improved my ability to direct my thoughts to good and leave the bad thoughts behind me.

As a result, I feel and experience life in authenticity and true happiness even when times seem too tough to handle. Rachel assists you to get to a place of peace through the power of you making the decision of what is good for you and what is not.

– Angela

I attended Rachel’s workshop in London UK. Rachel has a wonderful energy of youth and longevity around her. She was very direct but gentle in the same time. I felt a boost of confidence after the practical part, she is very intuitive and knows how to make everyone feel great. I really enjoyed time I’ve spent with her and looking forward her next event in town.

– Sonia

As Rachel talked, I felt her intention was pure and she truly was a healer. Rachel guided us through a few exercises. One exercise stuck with me. Rachel asked us to think about what were our gifts. Through that exercise, I realized I was a peace keeper. Rachel said whenever we were in a situation where we could utilize that gift, we should.
I’m my biggest critic, and I often look at my past, while focusing on my errors. I never realized how my past was weighing on me. The timing of Rachel’s exercise was just what I needed; my consciousness shifted when I remembered my past; it was important at that moment to know my past was not all negative.
Since the workshop, I start my day appreciating me…
The good and the bad. Thank you Rachel.

– Valinda