The Secret of Sharing

Usually when people share, they expect that they will get something back in return. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something physical like money or material goods, it can be love, or kindness, attention, or time. The secret on sharing is simple. It is to give without expecting anything in return… and then it comes… Continue reading The Secret of Sharing

The Power of Imagination

We need to be quiet with ourselves, and tap into the power of imagination and visualizing what we want. When there are times when we don’t know what we want, when we can’t see clearly, when we feel indecisive, lost, confused, this is the most important time to clearly sit and listen and see what… Continue reading The Power of Imagination


Blockages. Where do they come from? How and why do blockages come to our life? People often don’t understand why they have a blockage…why they can’t move on. Why they keep getting stuck on the same thing. We are not moving forward. It can be frustrating to feel stuck. Most blocks come from the Ego.… Continue reading Blockages


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