It’s always good to remind ourselves to focus. We know that everything comes to us through our minds. We create our own reality. We get what we focus on, whether we want it or not. We all have challenges in life that come to us at times that challenge us to be better, to learn.… Continue reading Focus


I want to talk about loneliness and how we can change this feeling to feel fulfillment that we are not alone. Each one of us gets this feeling of loneliness sometimes. That low feeling that we are alone, nobody is with us, we feel we want to talk to someone but nobody is there. When… Continue reading Loneliness

Behavior Towards Others

    The way we behave to others sometimes isn’t ideal and can make us think that we often don’t think about how important it is to behave in the right way. Sometimes we behave towards others negatively whether it’s our parents, our children, friends, coworkers, a stranger, bus drivers, etc. No matter who it is, we… Continue reading Behavior Towards Others


Lately, we see in the media that people are starting to say things, to talk about topics, about all kinds of topics that trigger other people to become upset thinking how can people say something like that. It doesn’t matter where, if it is at work, at home, or in the media. Wherever it is,… Continue reading Listening


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